Covid-19/Coronavirus Response

Please help us to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus by following the guidelines detailed below.

Before The Session

Whilst the UK is under National Lockdown restrictions, we are open only to professional musicians., meaning that any musicians attending the studio must earn all or part of their monthly income from music. It is essential that musicians can prove this if requested by a government or law enforcement official. We accept no liability for this. We will send you our list of Coronavirus safety guidelines prior to the session. If you have any special requirements, please let us know prior to the session and we will do our best to accommodate you.

PLEASE NOTE we are currently NOT accepting cash payments. All payments are to be paid in full before, or on the day of, the session.

Whilst in our studio

• You will be asked to EITHER scan our studio QR code using the NHS Track and Trace app OR complete the studio entry checklist and return it to our management team. Whichever step you choose, paper-based or through the app, you will need to repeat this each day you attend the studio. The trace and trace system asks you to confirm that you have not had/or are having any of the common symptoms of Coronavirus and keeps a record of your details.

• Every person entering must be prepared to have their temperature checked prior to entry. We have a temperature gun available at the studio entrance for this purpose.

• Clients are asked, where possible, not to eat on the premises. Hot drinks may be consumed, however please note that our kitchen is closed during this time. • If you are happy to do so, please consider sitting outside of the studio or in your vehicle (observing social distancing) during break times. We also have an area marked out in our lobby area so you can stay in the building during winter.

• Whilst we will have increased our cleaning and sanitising regime, please help us to help you by ensuring you are respectful of the welfare facilities (toilets and communal areas) and leave them in a clean condition. We have provided hand soap, paper-towels and will empty the bins containing discarded hand-towels regularly and there are hand sanitizer stations at the entrance and throughout the studio.

• No unauthorised access is allowed into the studio or rest areas.

• There is clear signage through the studio to advise on the suggested occupancy number for each room/space. There is also a one-way system marked out to ensure people do not cross paths whilst moving through the studio.

• Consideration must be given to working parties within the area – can a task be carried out at a later time? You may find that, due to restrictions on the amount of people in each area of the studio any one time (in order to ensure social distancing), we may ask that only members of a band who are currently recording/performing are present at any one time. This may require more use of overdub recording methods in some cases.

• Please be respectful and observe the dedicated smoking area with no more than 2 people at one time.

• If you start to experience any COVID-19 symptoms whilst on site, please inform a member of staff and then leave the premises and follow the GOV.UK guidelines for self-isolation.

• Please do not come onto studio if you are experiencing any of the COVID-19 symptoms. Contact us and we will rearrange your session (there will be no cancellation fee).

• Although PPE is not a requirement in the studio at this point, you are welcome to use it and to request that our team also wear this during your recording session. You must provide your own PPE as we will only have provision for our staff team. Please ensure that your PPE is kept in a clean condition – and do not discard onsite, ensure you place in a bin outside of the studio.

• Please avoid sharing equipment and instruments. Our engineers have been instructed only to handle studio equipment and clients are respectfully asked not to touch studio equipment at this time.

• All studio equipment in use will be cleaned after each session using anti-bacterial wipes. Where appropriate, we will also make use of disposable equipment such as disposable pop-shields.

We ask that all clients help us by –

• Washing your hands regularly and for at least 20 seconds

• If you cough do so into a tissue and then bin it immediately and then wash your hands. Catch it – Bin it – Kill it.

• Please make regular use of the hand sanitizer provided in the studio

• Try to avoid touching your face

All of the above is subject to continual review to reflect government guidance