Our client list is extensive and includes an array of record labels, publishing companies and independent artists from the North East and all over the UK

Work with the experts at Blast Recording. We take the time to understand your music, and have the skills and experience to produce a commercial release.


Capturing and creating the ‘sound’ of an artist is arguably the most important, and often time consuming, element of the music production process.

We pride ourselves in the high standard of product we produce for our artists at Blast Recording.

Each of our producers has years of experience in their field, working with artists to ensure that they understand their music and can shape their recordings to achieve the best possible results. We listen to our clients and agree any revisions required to ensure this is the case.

Our extensive collection of analogue and digital production tools, including vintage compressors, EQ and effects as well as the latest plugins from Waves, UAD, SSL, Abbey Road, Soundtoys and Native Instruments (to name but a few!) – allow us to create a bespoke sound for your mix.

As well as this, our studio monitoring is second to none. We have a variety of available options for monitoring all types of projects in both of our studios. See our equipment lists in our studios section for more information.

Online Mixing

As well as attended mixing sessions, we provide an online mixing service. You send us the tracks and one of our experience team will complete the process and send you back the finish mixes. This is a great way of getting an affordable professional mix.

Contact us to talk to us about your project and find out more about online mixing.


The importance of mastering a mix is sadly often overlooked by some when they think about recording their music.

At Blast Recording, we have a wide selection of specific mastering tools to ensure that your final recorded product is both professional sounding and industry release ready.

A well mastered product should be faithful to the music as well as audibly enhanced, ensuring a cohesive finished sound to the overall EP/album. We ensure that your music is high fidelity, high clarity and has a professional sound that can be enjoyed by listeners on any source.

To find out how we can help you, get in touch.