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Blast Recording is the leading music production facility in the North East of England. Based in the Ouseburn Valley, the cultural hub of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Over the last 15 years we have had the pleasure of working with clients ranging from up-and-coming local bands to major labels. Our new branch of podcasting and voiceover work welcomes clients from major TV shows to local comedians with our podcasts featuring on the biggest podcasting charts in the UK. Check out some of our favourite work in the Spotify playlist and get in touch to find out how we can help you!

Some of our previous clients include:

Sam Fender, Arctic Monkeys, Take That, Sting, Alvvays, Little Comets, New York Dolls, Thin Lizzy, Therapy?, Married at First Sight, and many more!



Production & Recording

So you have a song and are ready to record? Work with our experienced producers and engineers to sculpt a unique sound with full access to our carefully curated collection of vintage and modern equipment spread across multiple spaces in our studios.


Make sure your hard work done in the studio doesn't go to waste by having your track mixed to the highest industry standards. Our engineers take raw recordings and turn them into radio-ready, playlist-busting mixes for all genres, with your vision for the track leading the way.


Let us ensure your music translates through all systems. We'll guarantee your master is delivered at a commercial level, allowing it to compete with artists globally in playlists and on the radio.

Our Story

Established in 2006 by the team behind the hugely successful independent record label Demolition Records, Blast Recording has opened its doors to some of the music industry’s biggest names while continuing to help smaller, undiscovered artists to reach their full potential.

Our studio was designed to the highest specification by world-renowned designers, Whitemark Ltd. (The Hit Factory – New York & Miami, Abbey Road – London, Real World Studios – Bath, Strongroom Studios – London). Blast offers endless creative possibilities in a professional, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, working with our network of experienced industry engineers and producers.

Our versatile and spacious live room can be used by performers from any genre. We use microphones from Neumann, Telefunken, Soundelux, Wagner, Royer and more. We offer our carefully curated selection of amplifiers and keyboards to all artists recording with us.

Our sizeable control room is centred around our 24 channel Solid State Logic AWS900 console, with full AWSomation and DAW Control. Monitoring comes from a range of first-rate industry names including Adam Audio and Yamaha. Full-range monitoring is delivered by our Exigy monitors, around which the room is designed; perfect for detailed, non-fatiguing listening. The control room is equipped with outboard gear from esteemed audio brands such as Neve, Crane Song, Pendulum, Manley, Chandler, Empirical Labs, Urei, Universal Audio and more.

We run a powerful Mac Pro and Pro Tools HDX rig with a variety of plug-ins from Universal Audio, Fab Filter, Plugin Alliance, Soundtoys, Arturia, ToonTrack among others.

Our sister studio Glassworks is home to an extensive synth and vintage guitar collection, with rare, hard to find hardware that is certain to give your recordings its own individual sound. This room is perfect for finalising your projects in the mixing and mastering stages.

We also have a kitchen and lounge area that allow artists to relax while others are recording, or hold meetings with labels and management.

Our facilities paired with the experience of our engineers will allow all artists who choose to record with us to realise their full creative potential. We can help you decide which of our recording spaces will be most suited to your style of music and your artistic needs. Get in touch via the contact form below.


I've worked in quite a few top studios over the years and Blast is as good as any of them... and better than most. If you're looking for a recording studio with great facilities state of the art equipment and friendly, professional staff... look no further!

George Shovlin and The Radars
Blast is definitely a place where you instantly feel comfortable. When you're in the difficult process of making music, which requires a lot of focus and is stressful, there's nothing better than a comfortable working space that you can chat and relax in while recording. The engineers are amazing and make excellent use of the equipment, which are nothing short of world class. Having some big names in the list of those who've recorded at Blast, like Sam Fender, it only strengthens Blast as one of the best recording studios in the UK.
Shay Bagnall
Bear Park
Great engineers and producers! Felt really comfortable in the room and direction I received helped improve the performance as well as the flawless mix of my song in the end.

Kema Kay

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