Blast Recording is North East’s leading music production facility. 

We are dedicated to helping you reach your full creative potential – whether you are just starting out, or are an industry veteran.

Blast Recording Studios


Constructed in a late nineteenth century Victorian glassworks in Ouseburn, the creative hub of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Blast Recording has been the birthplace of chart-toppers and indie legends.

The studio was established in 2006 by the team behind the hugely successful independent record label Demolition Records. Blast Recording has opened its doors to some of the music industry’s biggest names like Sting, Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender, while continuing to help smaller, undiscovered artists to reach their full potential.

Our studio was designed by White Mark (Abbey Road, Hit Factory, & Real World Studios among many others). You won’t find anything quite like it in the North East of England. It is a beautiful space that can host anything from Rock bands to Podcasts, and Chamber Ensembles to Rappers.

We feature microphones from Neumann, Telefunken, Soundelux, Wagner, Royer and more. We offer our carefully curated selection of amplifiers and keyboards to all artists recording with us. A dedicated vocal booth with foldable doors means that you can create separation between instruments when needed.

The control room is centred around a 24 channel Solid State Logic AWS 900 console, with motorised faders, switchable E/G-series EQ, SSL’s Superanalogue mic pres and the classic G-bus compressor.

The studio also features equipment from the likes of Crane Song, Chandler, Neve, Phoenix, DW Fearn, Urei, Empirical Labs, and more. Monitoring comes from Adam Audio, Exigy, and Yamaha.

You can find a comprehensive list of our equipment on request. The list includes some equipment from Glassworks, our sister studio. If there is anything specific that would would like to use for your session, please feel free to ask.

Some of our previous clients include:

Sam Fender, Arctic Monkeys, Take That, Sting, Alvvays, Little Comets, New York Dolls, Thin Lizzy, Therapy?, Married at First Sight, and many more!


Production & Recording

So you have a song and are ready to record? Work with our experienced producers and engineers to sculpt a unique sound with full access to our carefully curated collection of vintage and modern equipment spread across multiple spaces in our studios.


Make sure your hard work done in the studio doesn't go to waste by having your track mixed to the highest industry standards. Our engineers take raw recordings and turn them into radio-ready, playlist-busting mixes for all genres, with your vision for the track leading the way.


Let us ensure your music translates through all systems. We'll guarantee your master is delivered at a commercial level, allowing it to compete with artists globally in playlists and on the radio.

Engineers & Portfolio

Click on the names to read more about each of our engineers:

Andy Bell

Previous clients include: The Peevie Wonders, Earth Farm, Frankie Jobling, BBC (Sting’s ‘I Must Have Loved You Musical), Knats, Hardwicke Circus.


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Mark Broughton

Previous clients include: Sam Fender, Andy Taylor, Sting, James Bay. 

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Jonny Burgess

Previous clients include: Black Acid Mavericks, 999, The Pastures, A New Nowhere. 


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